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Abhar Petro Polymer

Considering the dire need in wire and cable industries of Iran, Abhar Petro Polymer was founded and operationalized in Ofogh Abhar Industrial Park of Zanjan Province in 2019. In recent years, we have been operating in the production of soft PVC granules for different grades of wires and cables including colored insulators and sheaths (e.g., flexible cables, fixed installation cables, and telecommunications cables) up to global standards (ASTM and IEC). Abhar Petro Polymer has implemented specific plans and tried to reach certain goals to meet national needs over the years by purchasing and installing Italian machinery on production lines, equipping and modernizing quality control laboratories, and benefiting from the experiences of competent engineers. However, this company has not forgotten the long-term plan for development and progress. For this purpose, we are proud to cooperate with renowned media such as North Publications, Iran’s Industrial Publications, and Wire and Cable Publications to take firm steps.

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Abhar Petro Polymer, the largest producer of polymer products

Offering 4 categories of products with great variety

Arian Abhar Cable is among the most prominent customers of Abhar Petro Polymer in Iran. We are honored to consider Arian Abhar Cable our sponsor with 20 years of professional experience. Abhar Petro Polymer has tried to provide the industrial community with the best services by producing four categories of diverse products with different applications. Our products are listed below:

Outlook of Abhar Petro Polymer
Abhar Petro Polymer has managed to participate in prominent expos such as Iran International Exhibition and Dubai International Exhibition. It is among the top companies and activists of this industry in Turkey International Exhibition 2023. Entering a new line of work, Abhar Petro Polymer has succeeded in acquiring a share of Iran’s export portfolio and paved the way towards target markets in various countries such as Turkey, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, and Iraq. Formulating a long-term comprehensive plan based on a specific road map, this company continues developing XLPE, TPR, and SWR productions.
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